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Industrial Cable

  • Thermo-Couple wire
  • Super Flexible FA Cable
  • Automotive Headlamp Cable

Industrial CableSilicone rubber heat resistance Cable


Model BS-SiHF
Used equipment wiring in high temperature for chemical, glass, and ceramic factories
Structure ① Conductor ② Insulation ③ Taping ④ Jacket ⑤ Glass fiber braid ⑥ Coating

- Excellent in heat resistance & used for transmission of power and control signal in Iron works.
- Excellent in noise shielding & used for signal transmission for measuring instrument.




  • Silicon rubber insulation composite cable with high heat resistance and flexibility
  • Available in additional structural design for various external braided or shielding according to the environment
  • Used as lead wires for transmission of power signals in power plants, steel industries, shipbuilding and chemical and cement plants


  • Temperature range : -60℃~200℃
  • Voltage : 300V/ 600V/ 1,000V
  • Passing grade test for fire retardant, mechanical strength, and electrical characteristics according to UL standard


  • Superior flexibility for both high and low temperature environments
  • Excellent resistance to UV, Ozone, and excess moisture
  • Environment-friendly halogen free products that do not produce coorrosive gases in the event of fire

C-UL Certification Approved

  • File No. : E131290
  • Reference : UL 758, 1581
Style Rating AWG No. Insulation
Thickness (mm)
Volt.(V) Temp.(℃)
4609 300 200 0.05~250SQ 0.38
4610 600 200 0.05~250SQ 0.76

Technical Data

Voltage use rating 0.6/1.0kV
Dielectric Withstand AC 2,000V/Min.
Insulation Resistance 50MΩ·km·20℃
Used Temperature -60℃~250℃
Type Range of Cross Section
Single 1 core 0.5SQ ~ 250SQ
Multi 2 ~ 37 core 0.5SQ, 0.75SQ, 1.0SQ, 1.5SQ
2 ~ 12 core 2.5SQ, 4.0SQ
2 ~ 7 core 6.0SQ
2 ~ 4 core 10SQ, 16SQ, 25SQ, 35SQ

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